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How ThyroQ Works?

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Acquired hypothyroidism, sometimes called Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, is a disorder that does not allow the thyroid gland to make enough thyroid hormone. Acquired hypothyroidism is more common in teenage girls, but can be found in boys and girls of any age. 

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Auto Immune Hypothyroiditis

Autoimmune thyroiditis, (or Chronic Autoimmune thyroiditis), is a chronic disease in which the body interprets the thyroid glands and its hormone products T3, T4 and TSH as threats, therefore producing special antibodies that target the thyroid’s cells, thereby destroying it.

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Juvenile myxoedema

Delayed sexual maturation and puberty, as a result the child looks much younger than his age. Eruption of permanent teeth is delayed | Intellectual performance is poor but mental deficiency is not as severe as cretinism.

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 A disease caused by decreased activity of the thyroid gland in adults and characterized by dry skin, swellings around the lips and nose, mental deterioration, and a subnormal basal metabolic rate.


is made of..

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Shudda Gandhak

Shuddha Gandhak is processed purified Sulphur as per Ayurvedic Ras Shastra principles. The process is done to reduce side effects, toxicity and after effects of pure sulphur in the human body.

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Palandu (Allium cepa Linn.) is a biennial or perennial herb with aromatic fleshy underground bulb which is cultivated throughout India. It has many therapeutic properties in ayurveda.

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Kanyasara consists of dried juice of leaves of Aloe barbadensis Mill. Syn. Aloe vera Tourn.ex Linn, Aloe indica Royle. (Fam. Liliacem), shrub planted in many Indian gardens and found growing throughout India.


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A most powerful modulator

Nil Side Effects!

Contra indications NIL. Overdosage no side effects noted.

ThyroQ other advantages

Reduces skin and other allergic conditions, Acts as an Anti inflammatory agent, Reduces stress and hyper sensitivity reactions

More Shelf Life!

Unlike many drugs, ThyroQ is designed for Larger Shelf Life. ThyroQ's Expiry date 3 yrs from manufacture.

ThyroQ - Most Powerful Modulator
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